A Complete Online Brand Protection Solution

Global Monitoring And Enforcement

Thomsen Trampedach offers a variety of intellectual property protection and anti-counterfeiting services for all types of brands, globally as well as locally. We deliver results customized to your brand, and analyzed by our team speaking 15 languages. This ensures that only actual issues are added to our case management system Pliano®, and allows us to tailor automated enforcement workflows for each client.

Modular Searches

Our brand protection services are diveded into modules, a modular approach allows you to focus your resources where it matters. If your main problem is on social media, this is where we focus.

Team Power

15 languages in one room with backgrounds in Law (Intellectual Property Protection, Anti-counterfeiting, Parallel Import), Security (Phishing, and Fraud), and Marketing (Monitoring, SEO, and Trends). That’s one powerful enforcement team we have gathered for you.

Client Collaboration

Pliano® notifies you of ambiguous or high-risk cases, which ensures that our enforcement actions conform to your priorities. Most relevant cases are handled by our team without your input.

Tailored Enforcement

Brands are unique and so is their language. We adapt every sentence of each enforcement letter to the requirements of your legal and communications teams.

Our Approach


We apply sets of crawling software selected on the basis of the content source targeted to detect potential risks.


Our team of multi-lingual legal analysts ensures that no false positives are passed on as results.


Confirmed results are investigated to reveal further details and to find new connected infringements that have been overlooked by the crawlers.


Pliano® monitors identified cases for website content changes, for ISPs changes and for the appearance of new Server-Response codes. These automated monitoring processes allow for expedited reaction times in addressing new content.


Pliano® makes tailor-made IP enforcement simple. We employ automated enforcement workflows for dozens of issue types incorporating customisable template letters to address internet service providers, intermediaries, website admins and other third parties.


Pliano® offers complete transparency. Our clients have access to a dashboard overview, and are free to access and extract all case details where required.

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