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Web Content Monitoring

How To Protect Your Brand From Abuse In Web Content?

Every day, an unprecedented amount of textual and visual content is published on websites with the intent of taking unfair advantage of the goodwill of well-known brands.

This means that brand owners should monitor top ranking and newly indexed results. These highranking results are relevant as they are most likely to be viewed by unsuspecting consumers. Keeping the highest-ranking 20 results “clean” should be a priority for every brand, and newly indexed results should be monitored to mitigate risk.

Monitoring should be set up from a variety of IPs and using various languages and scripts as content varies depending on user location. Only in this way can brand owners monitor locally with a global reach.

In the last 2 years, we notified over 250 hosting providers and 450 registrars across the world in a variety of different languages, adapting our notifications to local laws and regulations.

Our Solution

Thomsen Trampedach monitors for brand abuse on websites, blogs, meta tags, images and source code from publicly available data. Monitoring is set up for keywords + call to action, and unique text identifiers from identified cases. Thomsen Trampedach tailors a strategy according to the needs of each client and focuses on delivering a transparent and efficient solution for all needs.


Monitoring of the newly indexed and 20 top ranking results in Google (different keywords, phrases and IP addresses).

Image Monitoring for copyrighted images, and recognition technology for manipulated versions of brand logos.

Searches are set up with unique texts or images from identified cases. Our online investigatiors are also mimicking consumer behavior, and use professional online investigation techniques to reveal cases that are normaly not picked up by software.

Filtering of results and proactive identification of infringement using specialized legal knowledge and online investigation techniques.

Investigation & Enforcement

Through our case-management and enforcement system Pliano®, our experts will make use of unique identifiers such as images, contact information, texts, WHOIS data to reveal more cases. Once the scope of the abuse has been established, our experts will send complaints through Pliano® to the relevant intermediary such as hosting provider, registrar or to the content owner and in severe cases escalate the case to local law enforcement on the basis of applicable laws and regulations.

We store all relevant data related to the case in Pliano®. Each “case” includes a URL, investigation notes, suggested action, a screenshot, the takedown process and correspondence between infringer, client and us.

We also offer domain name landscape reports on a one time basis (limited to one brand name). A landscape report will provide you with an overview of already registered domain names. You will receive a list of taken domain names in an excel file together with available WHOIS data.

Premade enforcement mechanisms for over 200 + Marketplaces.

Your Questions

Our Answers

What is Web Content Monitoring?2019-11-18T09:11:43+00:00

Web content monitoring aims to detect occurrences of abuse of the Client’s trademarks and related intellectual property rights in online content on websites indexed by major search engines. Specifically, this includes pre-existing and novel mentions of Brand trademarks in hyperlink URLs, page content, and meta-tags.

What is included in the Web Content Monitoring Module?2019-11-18T09:11:17+00:00

We will:

  1. Set-up a web crawler that searches for keywords, phrases, keyword combinations in real-time.
  2. Set-up monitoring of the top 20 results on Google (first two pages) from different keywords and geographical locations.
  3. Set-up monitoring of most important copyright images (product photos, logos, etc). The crawler search for identical images.
  4. Add professional investigation hours to go through the URLs provided by the crawlers, to reveal abuse overseen by the crawlers, and to configure the crawlers to reveal more accurate results.
  5. All cases will be pre-assessed by a legal professional and added into our case-management system Pliano. No more time wasted on irrelevant results.
  6. Quick and efficient enforcement of all types of web content abuse.
  7. Agreed KPIs and 24/7 reporting.
Why are Online Investigators a good compliment to Web Crawlers?2019-11-18T09:10:54+00:00

It is not possible for a Web content crawler to find everything on the Internet, and definitely not possibly single out all the abuse for a brand. A Web Crawler needs to be configured in way that reveals relevant results. Therefore, we always add professional online investigation work mimicking consumer behavior, follow-up on hints that can lead us to the source of the problem, but most importantly use our human intuition possible reavailing abuse overseen by the crawler.  This way, when identifying abuse, we can go back to the configuration of the crawler and tweak it so it reveals more accurate results.

Why should you monitor top pages on Google?2019-11-18T09:10:29+00:00

Google is important to cover in the monitoring as it is the leading search engine, with a market share of around 70 %. Keeping the top 10 results on Google clean from abuse of your brand will result in that around 90 % of the searches will be directed to a genuine and authorized website. Including the second page, and most of the searches will be safe. Did you know that the safest place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google ;)? Therefore, we always aim to have the top 20 results (the first 2 pages) of Google clean from abuse for your brand.

In our Web Content Monitoring Module, we monitor the top 20 Google Search Engine results of your brand + keywords from different IP addresses (geographical locations).

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