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How to Protect Your Brand on Online Marketplaces?

When talking about Online Marketplaces, we normally think of Amazon, eBay, and the big dragon in the east, Alibaba Group. This is not surprising given that a large share of the multi-trillion dollar Online Retail Market can be attributed to these three players.

However, not all Online Marketplaces are large enough to make it to official rankings according to market share. The Online Retail Market is dominated by big players, but continues to be fragmented due to presence of small niche players, which provides both opportunities and challenges for brand owners.

Marketplace monitoring should include the largest, the niche and the up-and-coming ones. Only in this way can brand owners cover the majority of the Online Retail Market, whilst ensuring that abuse is also detected on the smaller platforms.

A smart mix of technologies, legal and technical expertise allows us to detect abuse with a global reach and to reveal patterns, which permits for efficient and impactful enforcement.

Our Solution

Thomsen Trampedach monitors across online marketplaces for sellers and shops selling counterfeit goods, false impersonation, copyright, trademark infringement and non-compliance of distributors. Thomsen Trampedach tailors the strategy to each client and focuses on delivering a transparent and efficient solution for all needs.


Focus on a dynamic list of up to 50 Online Marketplaces that are selected based on relevance and where we can have the biggest impact. Thomsen Trampedach will conduct an initial screening of Marketplaces.

Quarterly review of over 200 + marketplaces to ensure focus lies where the issues exist.

Filtering of results and proactive identification of infringement using human intelligence.

Specialized legal knowledge allowing us to assess a wide variety of legal issues on a daily basis, ranging from counterfeit sales to difficult cases of unfair competition.

Investigation & Enforcement

We are experienced with monitoring and enforcing on niche marketplaces requiring both the use of local language and an understanding of local laws. Through our case-management and enforcement system Pliano®, our experts will make use of identifiers such as company names, contact information, images and user names to reveal further cases. Once the scope of the abuse has been established, our experts will send complaints through Pliano® to the relevant platform on the basis of local and international laws and regulations.

We store all relevant data related to the case in Pliano®. Each “case” includes a URL, investigation notes, suggested action, a screenshot, the takedown process and correspondence between infringer, client and us.

We always advocate for an educational approach where bad faith is not evident. This is because many platforms don’t provide the user with the option of filing counter notifications, and the fact that not all Internet users have a complete understanding of the law. This approach will have the biggest impact, while preserving your goodwill, and may provide you with up-selling opportunities.

Premade enforcement mechanisms for over 200 + Marketplaces.

Mitigation Of Risk

Thomsen Trampedach will suggest the opening of online stores on platforms where your IPR is being abused, in order to educate Chinese consumers and increase your own sales.

Thomsen Trampedach will suggest, and can register, Chinese domain names across all TLDs (specifically .cn and .中国), as well as all new Chinese gTLDs.

Thomsen Trampedach can register user names across Chinese social media sites and other platforms, as well as IPP platforms like the WeChat Brand Protection Platform.

Offline Actions
Together with our local partners, we can help with offline investigations and onsite operational support, as well as trademark registration and litigation.

Our Professionals

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