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Social Media Monitoring

How To Protect Your Brand On Social Media Platforms?

Around 6 billion user accounts and 2 billion active users can be attributed to only 10 Social Media Platforms (SMPs). This allows for a vast amount of often unmoderated content to be published on a daily basis. As a result, brand owners are faced with a substantial risk of IPR infringement.

Monitoring SMPs requires a crawler for real-time data, as well as investigators infiltrating closed groups, accounts and services to reveal abuse that is not publicly available.

As complaint procedures and types differ between SMPs, brand owners should make use of an exhaustive range of escalation measures to adequately protect their brand from abuse.

A smart mix of technology and legal/technical expertise allows us a global reach to detect abuse and to reveal patterns, leading to efficient and impactful enforcement.

Our Solution

Thomsen Trampedach detects entities or individuals active across SMPs that take unfair advantage of your brand or advertise illicit goods, but also abandoned distributor, subsidiary and company profiles that may violate your social media guidelines. Thomsen Trampedach tailors its strategy to each client and focuses on delivering a transparent and efficient solution for all needs.


Real-time Monitoring of account names and public posts relating to your brand across 10 Social Media Platforms.

Identification and infiltration of risky groups or profiles set as private.

Filtering of results and proactive identification of infringement using human intelligence.

Quarterly review of over 20 + major SMPs. to ensure focus lies where the issues exist.

Investigation & Enforcement

We are experienced in an exhaustive range of escalation measures across SMPs. These include educational messages to content owners, systematic take downs as well as platform guideline violation complaints. Through our case management and enforcement system Pliano®, our experts will make use of identifiers such account names, contact information and images to reveal more cases, and if needed, collect additional evidence of abuse. Once the scope of the abuse has been established, our experts will send complaints through Pliano® to the SMP or content owner.

We store all relevant data related to the case in Pliano® Each “case” includes URLs, investigation notes, suggested action, a screenshot, the process of takedown and correspondence between infringer, client and us.

We offer Social Media Username Landscape reports on an ad hoc basis (limited to one brand name). A landscape report will provide you with an overview of already registered usernames across 40+ Social Media Platforms. You will receive a list of taken and available user names together with a legal recommendation on possible next steps.

Premade enforcement mechanisms for over 200 + Marketplaces and Social Media Platforms.

Your Questions

Our Answers

Mitigation Of Risk

Thomsen Trampedach can register user names across social media sites and important local sites.

Thomsen Trampedach can monitor App Stores such as iTunes, Google Play and top 5 Chinese stores from different geographical locations.

Thomsen Trampedach assisted more than a dozen brands and regions applying for their own new gTLD. We can help you too. Further, Thomsen Trampedach will suggest, and can register, domain names across all top-level domains.

Offline Actions
Together with our local partners, we can help you perform onground investigations to better understand infringement.

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