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Flexible Concept

Our gTLD service concept is flexible, we register domain names for our clients in all ccTLDs and new gTLDs. You may work with us in any phase of your project or you may choose to outsource all the tasks including the operational tasks to us.

All Types gTLDs

In the 2012 round we gained experience with all types of challenges and types of gTLD applications such as cultural TLDs like .desi, Geo TLDs. zuerich and .saarland, IDNs, and community based gTLD applications. GEO objections, GAC Advice, sensitive strings, closed generic issues and enhanced security requirements.

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BMW Group

We have chosen Thomsen Trampedach as our full service provider for all aspects of our new gTLD applications for the .BMW and the .MINI new Top level domains, including the outsourcing of all operational tasks and systems. From initial risk analysis, over project planning for the application, cost and resource allocations, concept of use over application writing and ongoing analysis of the changes to the gTLD program and to the filing of our TMs in the TMCH, Thomsen Trampedach has been a trusted and timely source for advice and has helped us solve all tasks in a professional manner. We enjoy working with Thomsen Trampedach as they give unbiased advice, are transparent in their pricing and they challenge us with new suggestions for how to optimize online brand protection and related processes.

Domain Manager, Trademark Department BMW AG



Thomsen Trampedach is our preferred consulting company in regards to our applications for the new gTLDs, .MERCK and .EMERCK.
Thomsen Trampedach shows a superior understanding of our company-specific brand protection strategy and internal resources.

Jonas Kölle
Rechtsanwalt / Senior Corporate Counsel
Merck KGaA



Thomsen Trampedach has been providing us with their wide-ranging expertise in the domain name industry since the Canton of Zurich took the first steps of applying for its own gTLD. Their invaluable reliability and flexibility in dealing with the complex demands we face as a public authority that operates a TLD registry makes Thomsen Trampedach a first-rate partner.

Lucie Hribal
Head of Communications

Office for Economy and Labour
Department for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich



Thomsen Trampedach has assisted us in writing our application for the .SPIEGEL gTLD, we are very happy with the fine result we achieved in the evaluation by ICANN and have enjoyed working with Thomsen Trampedach throughout the last year and a half. We will continue to use Thomsen Trampedach for the final development of our strategy for .SPIEGEL and generally will keep them as a resource for our interaction with ICANN, registrars, and other stakeholders in the domain name industry.

Dr. Roland Klose
SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co. KG



Thomsen Trampedach provides registry and consulting services for our seven new gTLD projects.
We are happy working with them, since they always deliver on time and are preparing the tasks and documents for us in a way that makes it easy for us to respond. We are very comfortable relying on Thomsen Trampedach in all aspects of the launch, promotion, and operations of our new gTLDs.

Jürgen Eric Schmid

Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG)
Abteilungsleiter Online Marketing



When navigating the ICANN application process our team realized quickly that we needed to engage professionals to assist us. After an exhaustive search we chose Thomsen Trampedach and have not regretted it. From the very beginning we received invaluable industry insight and made key strategic contacts that would not have been there for us otherwise. We consider them to be not just a resource but a trusted advisor. Our relationship has been galvanized throughout this process and we look forward to working with Thomsen Trampedach for many years to come.

Jeff Brown, Managing Principal, Desi Networks, LLC

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