Domain Name Management Interface

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The corporate domain name management interface is designed for larger organizations, but is also a great solution for SMEs.

The interface provides you with a user friendly dashboard displaying all relevant data and giving you easy updates for any task or data you wish to work on – all information can be exported.

Portfolio Management

The core of the interface is the portfolio management section, which provides a unique filtering and bulk updating facility. It is highly customizable.

We support adding notes, history, log files, division, brand, domain name group attributes to each domain name, which enhances the user experience and enhances control of your processes.

Domain Name Registration Workflows

Domain name registrations can be placed in bulks and registered with a few clicks of the mouse. You can search for multiple domain names in numerous TLD lists – and even create your own list of TLDs covering your markets. The interface provides easy access to updated information on TLD requirements.

Differentiated User Access

We allow for the most advanced differentiation of user access – from super admins with access to billing, log files, DNS, SSL, to basic view access. Every action can be enabled or disabled for each individual user, allowing you to grant access to only the necessary and relevant parts of the interface for each colleague or subsidiary.

Bulk WHOIS and DNS Updates

The interface allows for bulk management and updates of WHOIS data and DNS zone files, and provides an elegant filtering and search function enabling you to get a list of all domains with a specific component of WHOIS data or a list of host records pointing to a specific IP address.

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