Corporate Domain Name Services and SLA

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Experienced Team and professional SLAs

At Thomsen Trampedach we know what is important for domain managers, IT staff and legal counsel at large corporations. We also know that no two companies work in the same way, which is why we always adapt our workflows to each client in regards to reporting, getting change request approvals, invoicing etc.

24/7 and Guarantees

We can be reached 24/7 and guarantee to renew all domain names and to respond to emails within a few hours. We also guarantee registration times. All guarantees are backed by SLAs providing financial compensation should we not deliver as promised.

Outsourcing of Administrative Tasks

Some of our clients have decided to outsource the domain name manager role. This means that we have access to their internal domain name manager folder and coordinate registration workflows, DNS updates etc., as if we were an employee of our client.

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