Domain Name Strategy And Policy

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Define the right balance between protection and costs.

To help you make decisions on which domain names to register and keep, we assist with defining the purposes, goals and guidelines for your domain name strategy at a group level.

Landscape Report

Applying software and human intelligence we can help you identify all domain names worldwide registered to any of your subsidiaries or web agencies.

This information enables you to consolidate your portfolio, get an overview and control of all domain name, SSL and web hosting processes and mitigate the risk of losing domain names and losing control over costs.

Domain Name Policy

Once you have the overview of your group wide portfolio and once you have defined your corporate domain name strategy, it is time to define a detailed domain name policy allocating decision power, cost centres, approval workflows and guidelines for which names to register in what TLDs. Furthermore a good policy will help you make decisions on deletions of obsolete domains and not least on how to get the most traffic out of your domain name portfolio.
Thomsen Trampedach has years of experience in regards to strategy and policy implementation for large international brands.

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