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Markus Rouvinen

+45 26 82 28 79


Born in Finland and having spent my childhood in several countries including Belgium and South Africa, I moved to Copenhagen in 2016 in order to pursue a Master of Laws degree at the University of Copenhagen. Prior to this I graduated with a Bachelor of Laws. My academic interests lie mostly in trademark law and its relation to competition law in the online setting.

As the Internet gives rise to an ever-greater globalization of e commerce and to the proliferation of sourcing products online from across large distances, the importance of maintaining a strong brand identity also increases. This highlights the significance of understanding the cultural differences between countries in terms of respect for intellectual property rights almost universally enshrined in law. I have a particularly keen interest in the dilution of trademarks in cases where a mark acquires a secondary meaning as a generic term. This is a particularly prominent phenomenon with regards to chemical and pharmaceutical brands, which form the majority of my work at Thomsen Trampedach.