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Product Manager

Andreas Juchli

+45 26 80 79 60


Born in Switzerland, I have lived in Colombia, France and Russia before moving to Denmark in 2014. During my studies at University of St. Gallen, St. Petersburg State University and Copenhagen Business School, I used to work as a trip leader for cycling holidays across Europe. The work ethos gained in the premium outdoor industry is still guiding my interaction with our clients in the digital environment: Customizing the available options to the needs of each individual client in order to produce the best outcome while minimizing costs and risks.

Each online brand protection project to me is a new challenge requiring empathy, curiosity and a relentless will to tackle the ever-changing obstacles created in the digital world, be it with domain names, on Social Media, E-commerce platforms or when enforcing our clients’ rights in such countries as China or Russia. This is what I love about working with the world’s top brands in online brand protection.