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How To Protect Your Private Data and Mitigate the Risk of Fraud?

In today’s digital society, it has never been more important to mitigate the risk of having sensitive, private data available to the public. Sensitive data that is misused by criminals can result in spoofing attempts, fraud, or even personal threats.

To mitigate such risks, Thomsen Trampedach has developed a service that aims to present the individual with a digital footprint report in which potential risks to the individual and their close family members are mapped out.

Aside from identifying potentially sensitive data, the service also aims to identify any false statements harming the reputation of the individual, or content that is objectionable/sensitive and should therefore not be accessible to the public.

Thomsen Trampedach will identify and score the most relevant cases of abuse/objectionable content and provide recommendations on possible responses in a timely manner that would remove or reduce the risk.

Our Solution

Our solution involves a digital footprint report with an overview for the purpose of pointing out the data that has a risk attached to it. Every case (URL) will be presented together with a recommendation on how to deal with the unwanted content. Upon receiving the first footprint report, the individual can decide on frequency at which on-going monitoring should be conducted. Every case will be presented in our web-based case management system Pliano.


Monitoring Main Social Networks (Facebook.com, VK.com, Twitter.com, Youtube.com, Reddit.com, Instagram.com, Wechat.com, and Linkedin.com)

Monitoring of Main Search Engines (Google, Yandex, Baidu)

Proactive Identification of data prone to misuse, such as: 1) addresses; 2) dates of birth; 3) names and other detail relating to family members; 4) information related to the background of the individual (place of birth etc.); 5) signatures; 6) social security numbers and other official identifiers; 7) false and / or objectionable content.

Investigation & Enforcement

For all relevant cases identified, Thomsen Trampedach will provide a recommendation as to how to approach removing the profiles or personal data in question or mitigating its impact where removal is not possible. Monitoring can be performed on an ongoing basis, alternatively take the form of a periodical screening. An overview of the cases will be available at any moment in Pliano. In Pliano, once a case has been added, the client will get notified.

We store all relevant data related to the case in Pliano®. Each “case” includes a URL, investigation notes, suggested action, a screenshot, the takedown process and correspondence.

What are you waiting for? Contact us for a digital footprint report. The report will include high, medium and low risk cases together with a recommendation on how to prevent and/or remove the unwanted content, and a recommendation on services going forward.  

Premade enforcement mechanisms for over 200 + Marketplaces.

Additional Information

Thomsen Trampedach has assisted more than a dozen brands and regions applying for their own new gTLD. We can help you too.

Thomsen Trampedach can suggest and register domain names across all top-level domains.

Thomsen Trampedach can register user names across social media sites and important local sites.

Offline Actions
Together with our local partners, we can help you with arbitration procedures across all TLDs (UDRP, CNDRP etc.)

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